Water Sector Intermediate (ICS-300) and Advanced (ICS-400) Incident Command System Training/Certification

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Why are Water Sector Intermediate (ICS-300) and Advanced (ICS-400) Incident Command System Training and Certification being offered?

In order to help the water sector achieve National Incident Management System (NIMS) compliance and be better prepared to manage emergencies, the USEPA previously offered water sector introductory Incident Command System (ICS) and NIMS training. This new 4-day training sponsored by the USEPA builds on the previous training and will help drinking water and wastewater utilities to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible during a large incident or event utilizing the ICS. Training participants will receive certification in both courses, which further enhances NIMS compliance within the water sector.

What topics will be covered at the Water Sector ICS-300/400 Training and Certification?


ICS-300 training will cover:

• ICS fundamentals;
• Unified Command;
• Incident management operations;
• Resource management;
• Planning process (the planning “P”); and
• Demobilization, transfer of command, and closeout.

ICS-400 training will cover:

• Command and general staff;
• Major and/or complex incident/event management;
• Area Command;
• Multiagency coordination; and
• Organizational relationships.

Why should I attend the Water Sector ICS-300/400 Training and Certification?


First, it is vital to understand ICS, as this incident management system is the national standard for responding to any incident anywhere in the U.S. Second, using ICS is required by NIMS. In addition, it is important for utility management staff to understand how larger incidents and events will be managed when several agencies and jurisdictions will be involved in a response. ICS-300 (Intermediate ICS) and ICS-400 (Advanced ICS) certifications will be available to all participants. There is no fee to attend this training.

Who should attend the Water Sector ICS-300/400 Training and Certification?

Any utility management employee who may serve in an ICS leadership role should attend the water sector ICS-300/400 training.

What are the Prerequisites?

Participants must have taken and received FEMA certifications in Introduction to the ICS (IS-100.PWb), ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents (IS-200.b), National Incident Management System (NIMS) An Introduction (IS-700.a), and National Response Framework, An Introduction (IS-800.b).  If you do not have these prerequisites, they can be taken at http://training.fema.gov/IS/NIMS.aspx.

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For further information regarding these workshops, please contact Erin Cabral by telephone (508-833-6600, ext. 130) or by email epa@horsleywitten.com. For information regarding FEMA's Independent Study program, click here.

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