Jon Ford Wins Award for Best Planning tool

The Simsbury Stormwater Module recently won a 2014 New England Chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU NE) Award.   CNU New England’s Urbanism Awards recognize excellence in architectural, landscape and urban designs built in harmony with their physical and social contexts as well as the policies, plans and codes that structure them.

The Simsbury Stormwater Module, a set of stormwater regulations, performance standards, and planning and design guidelines for a small Connecticut town, was hailed as “terrific, well-illustrated and accessible,” by the CNU NE jury.  Also according to the jury, “It fills an important need in providing an alternative approach to stormwater regulations….providing an extremely useful and adaptable tool for other planners and communities promoting higher density infill development.” 

Jon Ford led stakeholder input sessions and developed the Stormwater Article, Site Design Checklist, and Site and Stormwater Design Guidelines, which together form the Stormwater Module, tailored to the unique conditions of Simsbury.  Specific focus was placed on historic Simsbury Center, including a Watershed Planning and Design Framework to guide neighborhood-scale planning in conjunction with the form-based Simsbury Center Code, a context sensitive BMP implementation matrix carefully calibrated to Simsbury Center zones, and a Planning and Site Design Criteria Checklist.  Rate/volume/water quality mitigation incentives are proposed for projects within Simsbury Center or other compact, walkable areas within town.

HW Wins Second 5-Year, $5M Contract with EPA’s Water Security Division

OfficersFor the second time the EPA Water Security Division has awarded Horsley Witten Group a 5-year, $5-million dollar contract to provide support for all-hazards emergency preparedness and response programs for water security.

NOAA Awards HW Coral Reef Protection Contract

HydroseedingHorsley Witten Group and teamate Ridge to Reefs have been awarded a five year contract with NOAA to continue watershed restoration work in the Caribbean and Pacific. The projects will focus on restoration practices in priority watersheds that drain to coral reefs. Year 1 projects include planning and implementation in Guanica and Culebra watersheds of Puerto Rico, and Green Construction Training in the US Virgin Islands. Collaboration with local partners, including Protectores de Cuenca and the Island Green Building Association, will play a critical role in these restoration efforts.

For more information, contact Anne Kitchell

Awarded $22.2 million EPA Contract

Horsley Witten Group, Inc. has been awarded a six-year, $22.2 million contract to provide environmental consulting services for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Science and Technology (OST).

OST is responsible for developing national water quality standards using the latest science and technology, and ensuring water protection goals are achieved through sound management strategies. Under the new contract, Horsley Witten will provide technical support to OST for developing and approving water quality standards through environmental monitoring and assessment, hydraulic modeling, policy analysis, technical guidance, and outreach and training to States and Tribes.

HW Connected to Three Smart Growth Awards


HW is connected to three of the 2012 Smart Growth Awards granted by Grow Smart RI. As the lead consultant or as part of larger teams of experts, HW played an important role in each of the award-winning efforts. These awards will be presented at the Power Of Place Summit on May 11, 2012. Read more