EPA invites the public to register for and participate in this meeting, where EPA will listen to stakeholder comments on potential approaches for providing Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs) via electronic delivery.

CCRs are annual water quality reports that a community water system (CWS) is required by Federal regulations to provide to its customers, and are a key part of the public right-to-know in the Safe Drinking Water Act. CWSs serving more than 10,000 persons are required to mail or otherwise directly deliver these reports. Primacy agencies may allow CWSs serving fewer than 10,000 persons to provide these reports by other means.

Since 1998, when the CCR rule was finalized, the communication of information and the speed with which information can be shared have greatly expanded, along with a corresponding increase in the diversity of communication tools (e.g., email and websites). EPA is evaluating potential opportunities to improve the effectiveness of communicating drinking water information to the public, while lowering the burden of CCR requirements for water systems and primacy agencies within the existing rule language.

To listen to this meeting via webinar, please click here.