Downtown & Neighborhood Revitalization

HW recognizes that sustainable land use practices must include a strong focus on economic centers for rural, suburban, and urban communities alike.  As a New England-based firm, we understand the challenges associated with preserving the character of historic villages, while allowing these centers to grow in a manner that meets the needs of future generations.  Our work is grounded in the idea that, while there are universal tenets of good downtown planning, the character of every village or urban core is unique.  HW planners and design professionals work with local stakeholders to identify those defining characteristics in all of our neighborhood-based projects.  Our team of technical experts goes beyond the typical downtown planning exercise and digs deeply into issues associated with infrastructure, housing, preservation, zoning and design to create a balance between honoring the old and meeting the needs of the new. 

Contact Nate Kelly, AICP, NCI, Senior Planner, at for more information about our community revitalization planning services.