Coastal Resources Management

HW’s integrated coastal water management approach focuses on the multiple linkages between land-use and coastal ecosystems to help clients develop comprehensive options that provide for both sustainable uses of coastal resources and their overall environmental health.  This approach involves close cooperation with private and public interests, innovative technologies, expert scientific investigations, and strong community participation.  Our firm has developed long-term, comprehensive watershed management plans for several key watersheds along the East Coast involving the development of water budgets, evaluation of water quality and pollutant sources, hydrologic and habitat assessments, watershed delineation, public outreach and training, review of federal, state, and local regulations, and identification of best management practices (BMPs).

National Integrated Coastal Zone Management Planning Inter-American Development Bank, Bahamas
Pleasant Bay Watershed Fertilizer Management Plan
Pleasant Bay Alliance
Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan for the East End
St.Croix, NOAA
Protecting Coral Reefs through Improved Stormwater Management
Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) Training Workshop
Puerto Rico, NOAA
Sandy Neck Beach Facility Enhancements
Barnstable, MA
Pleasant Bay Watershed Fertilizer Management Plan
Pleasant Bay Alliance

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