Training & Technical Guidance

HW specializes in providing technical guidance materials and training for public officials, decision-makers, federal and state agency staff, professionals, and the general public in the areas of low impact development (LID), best management practices (BMP), erosion and sediment control (ESC), water resource protection, hazmat compliance and safety, emergency response and resiliency, and wastewater and stormwater management.  We have provided consulting services for more than 20 years to the EPA, developing guidance documents, and training state and local officials relative to LID practices, stormwater management, water resources protection, and emergency response and resiliency.

Technical Resources

Stormwater management in Pacific and Caribbean Islands: A practitioner’s guide to implementing LID

2014 USVI Environmental Handbook

2009-2013 Erosion and Sediment Control Field Guides for Contractors and Inspectors

2006 CNMI Guam Stormwater Management Manual- Volume I

2006 CNMI Guam Stormwater Management Manual- Volume II

Watershed Plans

St. Thomas East End Reserves Watershed Plan

St. Croix East End Marine Park Watershed Plan

Faga’alu Watershed Plan Implementation Supplement

Piti/Asan Watershed Plan

Culebra Watershed Plan

South East Florida Inlet Contributing Area Delineations


Hope and Carton Hills Neighborhood Road Management Plan

Samoa Maritime Faga’alu Quarry Corrective Action Plan

Stream Restoration Planning

Island Rain Gardens

Hyrdoseeding paradise

West Maui Stormwater Retrofit


2013-2014 USVI Green Building Workshops

2010 Pacific Islands Watershed Institute Website

2010 Rhode Island Stormwater Design Manual and Municipal LID Site Planning and Design Handbook
Comprehensive Evaluation of Alternative Strategies for Combined Sewer Overflow Reduction, NYC
CNMI and Guam Stormwater Management Criteria and Guidance Manual
Roadway Drainage Improvements and Stormwater Treatment
Plymouth, MA
Stormwater Design, Billington Street Park, Plymouth, MA
Assessment and Design of Stormwater Management Measures at Bare Hill Pond, Harvard, MA
Stormwater Master Plan, Retrofits, Wetland Restoration, and Flood Management for Peabody, MA
Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) Training Workshop
Puerto Rico, NOAA

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