Taunton River Watershed Study

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is undertaking the Taunton River Watershed Study to develop a long-term vision and strategy for the sustainable management of the Taunton River Watershed.  This Study will result in recommendations for an integrated approach to meeting water supply demands, wastewater disposal needs, and stormwater management goals while maintaining the ecological integrity in the watershed.

Phase I of this Study is currently underway.  The scope of work for this phase includes:

  • Development of Preliminary Water Budgets for over 100 small sub-basins within in the watershed as a means to understand which areas of the Watershed are in balance, and which are experiencing a net gain or loss of water, and to what degree.
  • Evaluation of environmental and habitat data using GIS in order to prioritize areas in need of preservation or restoration, or suitable for development and redevelopment.
  • Identify and explore Smart Growth techniques for use in the watershed through small pilot case studies as a means to improve the design and patterns of future growth in the watershed.

Phase II of the Study will collect further data, explore local regulatory frameworks, focus on priority areas for preservation, restoration, and future development, and refine the recommendations for effective implementation of smart growth techniques.