• “HWG on very short notice, has risen to the challenge and met a very difficult schedule and deadline for the Norfolk / CJ Treatment Plant Design. We are impressed with their ability to meet this difficult schedule and to submit a quality set of plans.”
  • “In my professional opinion, the Horsley Witten team is professional, exceedingly qualified, experienced, and delivers quality products in a timely and cost-effective manner. I particularly appreciate their ability to provide us with results that help ensure that the City’s regulatory provisions reflect the principles of smart growth and sustainable development. I highly recommend, without reservation, the Horsley Witten Group.”
  • “I considered The Nature Conservancy Workshop (presented by Horsley Witten) on low impact development to be extremely beneficial. The content and the delivery along with the real world application of the design elements (field trip) of the workshop was well founded and very practical and relevant.”
  • “I look for future opportunities to work together again. Your technical depth combined with your humor and strong presentation skills really make you shine.”
  • “The consultant has completed every job beyond expectations, and all projects have been approved or implemented. Many of these projects or plans had been proposed in the past without any success, but the abilities of the firm to effectively communicate, and develop consensus on complex zoning and planning issues was a key component of their success.”
  • “I have found Horsley Witten Group to be a great firm to work with, because, in addition to their capable key project personnel assigned to various planning tasks, they are a multi-disciplinary firm that has the resources to address many other planning-related land use issues that may come up in the course of putting together a planning project. (Note that we have also worked extensively with Horsley Witten Group from 2007 – 2009 in the update of our Zoning Bylaw.)”
  • “The contractor has earned a rating of excellent regarding the timeliness of performance criteria on this contract. As a part of the contract evaluation process, each work assignment assessed the contractor’s ability to provide deliverables in accordance with the deliverable schedule. To date, the contractor has received nothing less than an excellent rating related to this criterion.”
  • “Horsley Witten did an excellent job producing the Smart Growth/Smart Energy Toolkit and I have every confidence in their ability to turn out a terrific product on time and on budget.”