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HW is dedicated to protecting paradise from the impacts of land-based sources of pollution. Pina coladas and zika aside, embracing Malama Honua as you know, is hard work. In collaboration with federal and territorial/state agencies and outstanding local partners, we are trying to give coral reefs around the world a fighting chance at resiliency. Check out some of our work.

Where we work: Southeast Florida, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, British Virgin Islands, Mustique, Bahamas, Hawaii (Oahu, Maui, Big Island), CNMI (Saipan, Rota), Guam, American Samoa, and the Republic of Palau.


Saipan Lagoon Use Management Plan Update

Smith Bay Watershed Planning and Community Education, St. Thomas

South East Florida Inlet Contributing Area Delineations and Boynton Inlet Planning

St. Thomas East End Reserves Watershed Plan

St. Croix East End Marine Park Watershed Plan

Faga’alu Watershed Plan Implementation Supplement

Mustique Island Watershed Plan


Protecting American Samoa’s Coral Reefs One Rain Garden at a Time

St. Croix East End Watershed Restoration Project

Independent boatyard stormwater improvement and education

Hope and Carton Hill Neighborhood Road Management Plan


Peer-To-Peer Case Study – Faga’alu, American Samoa

Pacific Island Watershed Institute

Water Security, Emergency Response Trainings

Our Islands, Our Future – Green Construction Training in USVI

Technical Resources

Stormwater Management in Pacific and Caribbean Islands: A Practitioner’s Guide to Implementing LID

2012 Guam Erosion & Sediment Control Field Guide for Contractors and Inspectors

2010 American Samoa Erosion & Sediment Control Field Guide

2006 CNMI Guam Stormwater Management Manual- Volume I

2006 CNMI Guam Stormwater Management Manual- Volume II

Recent Event


Watershed Assessments on St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

HW and partners conducted watershed assessments of Smith Bay, Water Bay, and Magens Bay on St. Thomas. A major concern of business owners and residents in Smith Bay is the flooding of roads and the local ball field. The project team talked to community members who were eager to share their flooding stories. With help from the USVI government (Parks and Recreation, Public Works, and DPNR), we dug a test pit in the ball field to get a look at the soil profile. These on the ground investigations, will lead to recommendations for pollution prevention and projects to reduce flooding in Smith Bay. In Magens Bay, we worked with Patricia Reed and the Magens Bay Authority to find pollution sources and to conduct a functionality assessment of the wetlands adjacent to Magens Bay beach, a premier tourism beach. We conducted transects of the wetlands – looking at species composition and sediment deposition at regular intervals. The results of the investigation will include pollution prevention activities, evaluation of the effectiveness of the wetlands and recommendations for restoration if necessary.


HW and local partner, Paul Chakroff just won a contract from VI DPNR to work on groundwater aquifer assessments


Anne Kitchell


Anne Kitchell LEED AP, Senior Environmental Planner,
With a background in coastal zone management and marine science, Anne has 17 years of experience in watershed and stormwater management, regulatory program evaluations, implementation of restoration projects, pollutant load modeling, and stakeholder facilitation.

She currently manages HW’s 5-yr NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program Contract for $2 million to provide technical support services for watershed and stormwater work in the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Florida, and in the Pacific jurisdictions of Hawaii, CNMI, Guam, and American Samoa.